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Our Equipment

Our Equipment.

Trumpf 5000 Watt Laser System

Trumpf 4000 Watt Laser on Automated StopaTower Load/Unload

Trumpf 3200 Watt Laser System on Stopa Tower Load/Unload

Resistance Welders

(2) Amada EMK 3510 Turret with MP Load/Unload

Amada HD NT Press Brakes

(2) Amada EG Press Brakes

Robotic Press Cell with 250 ton Minster Press

Conveyorized Powder Coat Line with Multi Color Option

Stamping Presses with Coil Fed Press Lines (75 ton to 350 ton)

Fronius 320 and 400 amp Welders

Panasonic Robotic Weld Cell

Batch Powder Coat System (Multi Color Quick Change Over)

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