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Wire Technologies

Everyday Wire Technologies is a manufacturer of value added cable assemblies, wire harnesses and complex contract manufacturing services.

Simple or Complex Harness & Cable Assemblies

Whether you need a simple cable assembly with just wire and terminals, or a complex harness with several breakouts and a variety of connectors and terminations; we have the experience and expertise to create the right product to meet your needs.

Simple Single Lead Terminations

Sensor and Control Harnesses

Combination Crimp and IDC Connector Harnesses

Complex Multi-connector Large Equipment Harnesses

Panel and Box Builds

From fabrication of the metal enclosure to the wire assemblies required for final assembly, Everyday has the unique ability to offer these services and more under one roof.

Automatic Wire Processing

Wire Cutting

Wire Stripping

Wire Terminating

Wire Splicing

Wire Printing (Black or White Ink)

Cable Tying



Everyday is ready to work with you in Truth, Love and Unity.